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Cimarrón Spirit Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Tuesday February 9, 2016


Rubén Durán, Director; Xiomara Fortuna, Afro-Dominican singer-songwriter; Dominican studies scholars Silvio Torres-Saillant (University of Syracuse) and Rachel Afi Quinn (University of Houston); with translations by scholar Mabel Cuesta (University of Houston)

UH College of Social Work Auditorium (Rm 101)


Seeking freedom from sugar plantation masters, African slaves on the island of Hispaniola escaped into the mountains and jungles to build free societies. Their cultures, magic-religious celebrations and customs survive in the Dominican Republic 500 years later.

This Houston premiere of the documentary film Cimarrón Spirit is followed by a panel discussion with the film's director, Rubén Durán, Afro-Dominican singer-songwriter Xiomara Fortuna, Dominican studies scholar Silvio Torres-Saillant and UH professor Rachel Afi Quinn; with UH professor Mabel Cuesta offering translation. The 53 minute film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is part of a series of events taking place as part of the film's Houston premiere.

All events are coordinated in collaboration the Houston Community College's Office of International Initiatives. UH sponsors include Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies, Department of English, Hispanic Studies, Arte Público Press, Religious Studies, and African American Studies.