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Conference Program

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – Rockwell Pavilion

5—6pm Reception (hors d’oeuvres)
6pm Welcome, Elizabeth Gregory & Heather Cass White

Session 1

1. 6:15—7:35pm Using Biography
Robin Schulze, University of Delaware
Marianne Moore’s Gustatory Imagination
Kristen Treen, University of Cambridge
“Shorthand and jade cockroaches”: Tracing the Stenographer’s Hand in Marianne Moore’s Observations
Karin Roffman, Yale University
Marianne Moore, John Ashbery, and the New York School
Moderator: Cristanne Miller, SUNY Buffalo

Session 2

2. 7:45-8:30pm Holding on Upside Down – Talk and Q&A: Linda Leavell
Introduction: Elizabeth Gregory, University of Houston
DINNER on Your Own*
*On Campus – at Eric’s in the Hilton – open til 10pm
  Or Off Campus – Taxis called at Hilton front desk

Friday, March 20, 2015 – UH Hilton, Plaza Room

8-8:30am Continental Breakfast

Session 3

3. 8:30-9:30am Rhythm & Dance
Aurore Clavier, Sorbonne Nouvelle
“The first grace of style,”: MM and the Writing of Dancing
Vivian Pollak, Washington University
Is the Rhythm the Person?: Muriel Rukeyser Attempts to Correct MM
Moderator: Roger Gilbert, Cornell University

Session 4

4. 9:40-10:40am Vision & Voice
John Emil Vincent, Concordia University
"So that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear": The illumined eye and visual imagery
Edward Allen, University of Cambridge
Marianne Moore in the Midcentury Sound Studio
Moderator: Linda Leavell, Oklahoma State University, emerita

Session 5

5. 10:55-12:15pm History & Form
Linda Kinnahan, Duquesne University
Poetic Form and Economic Justice in Moore and Ridge
Fiona Green, University of Cambridge
‘Made for moving quietly’: The Pangolin and Other Verse
Emily Setina, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Moore’s “Light Is Speech,” Decision Magazine, and the Wartime Work of Intellectual Exchange
Moderator: Cristanne Miller, SUNY Buffalo


Session 6

6. 12:15-1:30pm Poets on Moore
Jeanne Heuving (University of Washington), Jeredith Merrin (Ohio State University, Emerita),
Cynthia Hogue (Arizona State University), Rosanne Wasserman (US Merchant Marine Academy)
Moderator: Cynthia Hogue (Arizona State University)

Session 7

7. 1:30-2:30pm Sextuality 
Sarah Giragosian, SUNY Albany
Queer Sociality in ‘Late’ Marianne Moore
Elizabeth Gregory, University of Houston
Is Andy Warhol Marianne Moore?: A 60’s Genealogy
Moderator: Michael Snediker, University of Houston

Session 8

8. 2:40-4:00pm Collecting
Sarah Berry, University of Connecticut
Collection, Representation, and Use: Marianne Moore and Decorative Art
James Jiang, University of Cambridge
On Collecting and Being Collected: Marianne Moore’s Curiosity
Stacy Carson Hubbard, SUNY Buffalo
Yellow Roses and Bulbuls: Marianne Moore's Persian Effects
Moderator: Emily Setina, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Session 9

9. 4:15-5:15pm ROUNDTABLE : Editions and Archives
Elizabeth Fuller (Rosenbach Museum & Library), Cristanne Miller (SUNY Buffalo),
Heather Cass White (University of Alabama)
Moderator: Robin Schulze (University of Delaware)

6:15pm Bus to Off Campus Restaurant Dinner

Saturday March 21, 2015 – UH Hilton, Plaza Room

8-8:30am Continental Breakfast

Session 10

10. 8:30-9:30am Style
Roger Gilbert, Cornell University
“These Things”: Moore’s Habits of Adduction
Mariana Machova, University of South Bohemia
Hidden Identities: Ambiguous Pronouns in Marianne Moore
Moderator: Stacy Carson Hubbard, SUNY Buffalo

Session 11

11. 9:40-11:00am Theology
Jennifer Leader, Mt. San Antonio College
“Is the Real Actual?”: MM’s Modernist Hermeneutics
Emily Slater, University of Connecticut
       “In This Drama of Water Against Rocks”: Marianne Moore’s Hebrew Poetry of Heightened Consciousness

Patricia Willis, Curator Emerita, Yale Collection of American Literature
Moore, Blake and the Mystical Tradition
Moderator: Elizabeth Gregory, University of Houston

Coffee BREAK 11:00–11:15am

Session 12

12. 11:15am-12:35pm Place
Bonnie Costello, Boston University
Sightseeing with Marianne Moore
Katy Didden, University of Oregon
“The Eye Knows What to Skip”: Marianne Moore and the Environmental Poem
Matthew Shelton, University of Connecticut
Ultana’s Ireland: Moore’s Poetics of Constituency & Dissent
Moderator: Sarah Ehlers, University of Houston


Session 13

13. 1:30-2:50pm Relation and Reputation
Zack Finch, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
“Passion for the Particular”: Moore, James, Potter and the Refuge of Close Reading
Cynthia Hogue, Arizona State University
A Poethical Eccentricity: Marianne Moore, Alice Fulton, and the Poetics of Inconvenient Knowledge
Ellen Levy, Pratt Institute
“One small scene, past and future”: Moore’s Afterlife and the Mystery of the “Roosters” Contretemps
Moderator: Sally Connolly, University of Houston

Session 14

14. 3:00-4:00pm "Marriage" & "An Octopus"
Meg Schoerke, San Francisco State University
“’A laborinth of pleasure’”: Landscape, Natural History, and Poetic Process in Moore’s “An Octopus”
& Lorine Niedecker’s “Lake Superior”
Katherine Hazzard, Rutgers University, Newark
“Treading Chasms”: Precarity in the Poetry of Marianne Moore
Moderator: Fiona Green, University of Cambridge

Coffee BREAK 4:00–4:15pm

Session 15

15. 4:15-5:35pm Moore as Editor
Victoria Bazin, Northumbria University
The Art of Editing Modernism: Marianne Moore at The Dial Magazine
Nikolaus Wasmoen, University of Rochester
Marianne Moore and the Role of the Modernist Author-Editor
Andy Atherton, University of Kent
Marianne Moore’s Chestnut Horse: The Role of Annotation in Observations
Moderator: Heather Cass White, University of Alabama

DINNER/PARTY Off campus 6:30-10pm (transportation provided)

Sunday March 22, 2015 – UH Hilton, Plaza Room

Session 16

16. 8:30-9:30am Breakfast & Business Meeting

Session 17

17. 9:40-10:40am Moore Metaphorical
David Hobbs, New York University
“Who Endures A Curious Hand?” – Marianne Moore’s Metapoetic Break
Nausheen Eusuf, Boston University
Mind, Metaphor, and Marianne Moore
Moderator: Victoria Bazin, Northumbria University

Session 18

18. 10:45-11:00am Closing Remarks
Fiona Green & Stacy Carson Hubbard