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  • Q: How do I join the CLASSmates Program?
    A: All incoming freshman with majors in CLASS are automatically approved members of the CLASSmates Program. During a New Student Orientation (NSO) session, you will meet with an academic advisor to discuss and plan your first semester schedule. Your academic advisor will activate your CLASSmates program membership by registering you for the sections of the core courses reserved exclusively for CLASSmates students.
  • Q: What are the benefits of activating my membership in the CLASSmates Program?

    A: Research at both the national and campus levels shows that, on average, first-year students who participate in a first-year experience program:

         Earn higher grades

         Express greater satisfaction with the university experience

         Make more friends and connect with more study partners

         Are more likely to complete start their second year in college with sophomore status

         Use more campus services and benefit from those resources

  • Q: What if I have AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit for a course listed with The CLASSmates Program?

    A: Students who have already completed the required CLASSmates courses or who are members of certain UH programs may not be able to participate in the CLASSmates Program. CLASS is committed to student success; therefore, if you do not qualify for the program, your academic advisor will provide other programs and services to help you have a very successful academic experience.

  • Q: What else is required of CLASSmates students?

    A: You decide how involved you want to be in the CLASSmates Program. The only requirement is that you enroll in the courses reserved exclusively for CLASSmates members. Whether or not you take advantage of opportunities to meet other students, form study groups, participate in programs, attend special events, and get to know a faculty member is up to you.