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First Responder Program

  • Black and white image of 3 firefighters  battling a fire
  • A firefighter's uniform with helmet laying down on the ground
  • Paramedics taking down a patient from ambulance at hospital entrance
  • A firetruck surrounded by firefighters and police at a park
  • Three ambulances parked at a hospital ambulance entrance


Our communities rely on first responders to offer assistance, guidance, and care on the worst days of our lives. They run toward danger, disaster, injury, illness, and death while most others are running away. They risk their lives to keep our communities safe, and we at the University of Houston First Responder Program honor their work and invest in their behavioral health. We recognize that chronic stress has an impact on minds and bodies. We are invested in leveraging scientific methods to enhance our understanding of the unique needs of first responders in order to improve their behavioral health and well-being.

We understand the first responders are vulnerable because they are so courageous

— Anka A. Vujanovic, Ph.D.

The mission of the University of Houston First Responder Program (UH FRP) is to improve the behavioral health and well-being of first responders through multi-disciplinary, collaborative team science, stakeholder partnerships, community engagement, and consultation. The UH FRP is committed to the behavioral health of first responders and dedicated to:

Understanding the behavioral health of first responders.
Helping to develop scientific knowledge about first responder behavioral health and well-being.
Facilitating education and awareness about the behavioral health of first responders.
Responding to community and national stakeholders in service of first responder health.
Providing scientific, clinical, and organizational consultation to first responder departments locally and nationally.