Trauma and Stress Studies Center - University of Houston
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Trauma and Stress Studies Center

The University of Houston Trauma and Stress Studies Center (TaSSC)

TaSSC Director: Dr. Anka Vujanovic

The TaSSC Mission

The overarching mission of the TaSSC is to improve the health and well-being of adults who have experienced traumatic life events or who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or co-occurring conditions.

The TaSSC is dedicated to:

  • scientific inquiry and advancement of our knowledge about the phenomenology and treatment of PTSD/subclinical posttraumatic stress and co-occurring conditions;
  • education in clinical research approaches and methodologies, specialized psychological assessment procedures, and evidence-based treatment services for traumatic stress and related conditions;
  • community outreach efforts to disseminate information about cutting-edge research and evidence-based assessment and treatment options available for populations with PTSD and/or co-occurring conditions; and
  • clinical services for individuals with PTSD, those with PTSD and co-occurring conditions, as well as those seeking to cope with the aftermath of traumatic life events, more broadly.

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