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Clinical Psychology Program Diversity Committee

UH Clinical Psychology Program Diversity Committee Mission Statement

Diversity and inclusion are core values for the UH Clinical Psychology Program. It is critical that we incorporate these values into all aspects of our work including training, research, clinical practice, mentoring, and service. The purpose of the UH Clinical Psychology Program Diversity Committee is to collaboratively advocate, support, and communicate about diversity in our program, and to encourage opportunities for students and faculty to grow in their own understanding of diversity. We aim to promote equality of opportunity for all, while respecting and valuing differences that include attributes such as race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, socioeconomic status, and language.

The Diversity Committee’s shared goals are:

  1. Foster an environment that enables students and faculty to feel empowered, valued, respected, and safe.
  2. Cultivate a diverse and inclusive student body and faculty.
  3. Strengthen and enhance the UH Clinical Psychology Program’s commitment to advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion in our research and clinical work.

In support of its mission, the Diversity Committee will:

  1. Promote ideas and events to further the spirit of diversity and inclusion. 
  2. Engage students and faculty in conversations and trainings about diversity and inclusion.
  3. Develop policies and practices to recruit and support students and faculty with diverse experiences and attributes.
  4. Explore ways that the UH Clinical Psychology Program can incorporate diversity in our community engagement and outreach efforts and in our substantive work

List of Subcommittees:

  • Diversity Engagement
  • Diversity Day
  • Clinical Program Data
  • Diversity Publication 
  • Undergraduate Outreach

Application for the UH Clinical Psychology Program Diversity Committee