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Residency Requirements

Generally, applicants who have resided and been employed in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months prior to the time of enrolling in an institution of higher learning are entitled to be classified as residents. Foreign nationals who hold F-1 or any other temporary visas are considered nonresidents and are required to pay the nonresident/foreign tuition charges.

Students granted teaching or research assistantships from the Department of Political Science are eligible for a waiver of nine hours per semester of nonresident tuition. For more information, please contact the Graduate Advisor Edward Manouelian via email or phone at 713-743-3939.

Students are responsible for registering under the proper residency classification. If there is a question regarding residency classification, students are responsible for raising the issue with the appropriate administrative officials at least three weeks prior to registration.

New students who have questions about residency should contact:

Mailing Address

University of Houston
Office of Admissions
Welcome Center
4400 University Blvd.
Houston, Tx 77204-2023

Contact Information

Phone: 713-743-1010
E-mail: email a question to AskShasta