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Degree Requirements

The University of Houston Master of Public Administration program offers professional trainings for current and prospective managers in Public, Nonprofit and Private sectors. The approximate length for completing this degree program is two years. However, the program length varies depending on whether students enroll as full-time or part-time basis. Many of our in-service students coordinate enrollment schedule with his or her work schedule. Two and half or three years is a reasonable estimate for part-time students.

To accommodate in-service students, our courses are scheduled in the evenings, Monday – Thursday.

Course Requirements

Students are required to take eight MPA core courses (26 hours) and three specialization courses (9 hours). With Capstone Problem Project (PUBL6325), the total credit hours required for the UH MPA degree is 38.

Curriculum | UH MPA Course Catalog

Capstone Problem Project – PUBL6325

This course represents the culmination of graduate work in the MPA program. This course permits the student to demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge acquired in their core and specialization courses. Each student is expected to formulate and analyze a real issue of public administration, organization, or policy; to examine alternative solutions or procedures; and to make independent and specific recommendations dealing with the issue.

Required Examination

MPA Comprehensive Exam (Written component only)