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The MPA program has a forty-year history of development since it was chartered by the State of Texas. Our 313 (1968 to 2008) graduates have found rewarding positions across a broad spectrum of organizations. These include, first-and-foremost, local governments but also non-profits and private sector corporations. A profile of the jobs and organizations of our graduates, as shown below, supports the conclusion that UH’s MPA program is a leading educator of public servants.


Pie graph of graduates and fields they have gone to

Here’s what alumni say about their UH MPA experience and their careers.

Sheena Oommen Abraham, M.P.A. ‘08

Sheena Oommen Abraham, M.P.A '08

Public Relations Associate
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Today as a public relations professional for a nonprofit, I spread the word about the need for life-saving blood for local patients and about opportunities to help save lives. My master’s in public administration showed me how to use the power of community and narrative to disseminate a message. It also empowered me to understand and apply systematic research and a well-developed strategy for any project.

Through the MPA program, you can study the workings of public service with a bent toward your unique interests. The classes instill teachings about culture, leadership, innovation and building partnerships to achieve sustainable goals. With analytical discussions among a small group of students from wildly diverse backgrounds, you’ll walk away from class with golden nuggets of thought and ability to help support your personal goals.

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