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The MPA program has a forty-year history of development since it was chartered by the State of Texas. Our 313 (1968 to 2008) graduates have found rewarding positions across a broad spectrum of organizations. These include, first-and-foremost, local governments but also non-profits and private sector corporations. A profile of the jobs and organizations of our graduates, as shown below, supports the conclusion that UH’s MPA program is a leading educator of public servants.

Pie graph of graduates and fields they have gone to

Here’s what alumni say about their UH MPA experience and their careers.

Peter Layshock, MPA ‘09


Program Analyst, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, NASA-Johnson Space Center

Peter Layshock is a 2009 graduate of the University of Houston MPA program with a specialization in public-private management. He has a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration in Business Economics from the University of Arizona (Eller ’05).

Since 2005, Peter has served as a Program Analyst for the office of the Chief Financial Officer at NASA- Johnson Space Center. In this role, Peter has had the opportunity to support several teams within the International Space Station (ISS) Program, including the payloads/research office, external integration office, and vehicle office. Major projects have included analysis of ISS workforce requirements and labor rates, managing the budget for the ISS Cargo Resupply Services contracts with SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation, and serving as the budget integrator for US appropriation of seats on the Russian Soyuz launch vehicle. More recently, Peter supported the management of Johnson Space Center’s aircraft operations at Ellington Field in Houston.

Comment: "The University of Houston’s MPA program has allowed me to better understand the role that NASA plays as both a federal agency and as a major stakeholder in the aerospace industry. Throughout the program, I was constantly able to apply my academic knowledge to my emerging career, and conversely, able to apply real-world experiences to MPA course seminars and research. Having completed the program, I am better prepared to be a leader as NASA continues to innovate and refine the way we do business."

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