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The MPA program has a forty-year history of development since it was chartered by the State of Texas. Our 313 (1968 to 2008) graduates have found rewarding positions across a broad spectrum of organizations. These include, first-and-foremost, local governments but also non-profits and private sector corporations. A profile of the jobs and organizations of our graduates, as shown below, supports the conclusion that UH’s MPA program is a leading educator of public servants.

Pie graph of graduates and fields they have gone to

Here’s what alumni say about their UH MPA experience and their careers.

Jason Weeks, M.P.A. ‘07


The Chief of Staff of the Systems Engineering and Integration office
Constellation Program Office

Jason is a 2007 graduate of the University of Houston MPA program. Jason received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2003. Upon Graduating from SFA Jason began work at NASA-JSC as a budget analyst in the CFOs office. While finishing the last 15 hrs or his MPA at UH Jason became the Chief of Staff of the Systems Engineering and Integration office within the Constellation Program Office. The office performs cross-project and integrated system design to derive the physical architecture of the next spacecraft that NASA will use. The MPA has been very beneficial to Jason as it allows him to use the analytical skills matured in the program along with big picture thinking that the MPA enhanced. This is a must have degree for anyone wanting to pursue a government career whether at the state of federal level.

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