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Statement of Professional Development

Graduate study is not merely about taking courses and writing papers, theses, or dissertations; it is also about becoming a professional historian.  The History Department, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and the University offer many speakers and conferences on a wide variety of topics relevant to student interests.  We encourage and expect students to attend events and to join professional organizations, present papers within the department and without, and to take on responsibilities in academic and professional organizations when possible.  These activities will help develop lifelong learning habits that are of great benefit.

Graduate students should also be mindful of the process of gaining credentials outside the Department of History and the University of Houston.  This is done through presenting papers at regional, national, and international conferences; publishing book reviews and encyclopedia articles; winning prizes and grants from external sources; and most important publishing journal articles.  All of these are important components for building the sort of c.v.s that will lead to job interviews and tenure track positions within the academy.