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HHP Research Symposium 2013

HHP symposium

The department of Health and Human Performance will hold its annual Research Symposium on on Oct 29th, 2013 and Oct 30th, 2013 from 9am to 3pm in the Rockwell Pavilion - M.D. Anderson Library at the University of Houston. The event will show case research carried out by HHP faculty and graduate students. Below is a listing of the presentations scheduled for the symposia. Click here to download a printable pdf of the schedule.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

9-10 session Senory Physiology and Obesity Dr. Thomas Lowder  - Introduction
9:00-9:15 Boaz Blake Graviception: What our feet know.
9:20-9:30 Rahul Goel The role of upper and lower limb load receptors in modulating functional motor control performance
9:35-9:50 Matt Cross Effects of children's self-regulation on parental feeding practices and child weight
10-11 session Obesity Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
10:00-10:20 Dr. Daniel O'Connor Energy balance and weight change
10:25-10:45 Dr. Daphne Hernandez The impact of cumulative family risks on food insecure households with young children

Elevator Speech Contest
(awards given out at 11:40)

Stefan Madansingh, Wen-hao Chou, Douglass Diak, Amber Chelette, Emily Lavoy,
Rahul Goel, Nereyda Ochoa
12-1 session Immunology Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
12:05-12:25 Dr. Thomas Lowder  Exercise training in women with lymphangioleiomyomatosis
12:30-12:50 Dr. Richard Simpson Exercise and the immune system
1-2 session Exercise Physiology Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
1:00-1:15 Douglass Diak  Exercise reduces tumor burden in mice 
1:20-1:35 Emily LaVoy Acute exercise enhances the expansion of cytotoxic T-cells specific to leukemia and melanoma antigens: implications for adoptive transfer immunotherapy?
1:40-1:50 Lyle Babcock The molecular regulation of unloading induced, fiber-type specific muscle atrophy
2-3 session Obesity II Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
2:05-2:20 Nate Parker Using geographic information systems (GIS) to assess the impacts of neighborhoods on physical activity
2:25-2:35 Stephanie Silveira "GoWoman: A Weight Loss Program for Women with Mobility Impairments
2:40-2:50 Allen Hallett Direct and indirect effects of exercise intensity on glucose tolerance in the TIGER study

Wednesday, Oct. 30

9-10 session Physiology and Sports Administration Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
9:00-9:15 Hawley Kunz The effects of exercise on salivary antimicrobial proteins
9:20-9:45 Dr. Demetrius Pearson McCarthy¹s Marketing Mix and the TSU Relays: An Urban Legacy
10-11session Sensory Physiology II Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
10:00-10:10 Amber Chelette Effects of vibration on the learning and transfer of a proprioception task
10:15-10:35 David Temple "The Effects of Tibialis Anterior Muscle Vibration on Quiet and Perturbed Stance
10:40-10:50 Marius Dettmer Application of low-level vibration to the feet as an intervention to improve older adults' postural stability
11-12 session Exercise Physiology Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
11:00-11:10 Austin Bigley Exercise and NK-cell function
11:15-11:30 Dr. Yoonjung Park Obesity-induced vascular dysfunction & physical activity
11:35-11:50 Dr. Jong-Hee Kim Effect of temperature on force-velocity-power generation in MHC type I and II single muscle fibers
12-1session Motor Control Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
12:00-12:15 Dr. Stacey Gorniak Effects of type II diabetes on manual function
12:20-12:35 Dr. Adam Thrasher Relative roles of spinal and supraspinal control of muscle activation during walking
12:40 - 12:55 Dr. Beom-Chan Lee Sensory augmentation through vibrotactile biofeedback for balance rehabilitation
1-2 session Motor Control and Sports Administration Dr. Thomas Lowder - Introduction
1:00-1:15 Recep Ozdemir Early detection of gait related movement intentions from EEG signals: A neural state classification study for future brain machine interface applications
1:20-1:30 Dr. Michael Cottingham An examination of consumer behavior in different disability sports
1:40 -1:50 Raul Amador Reduced sensation and altered proprioception on walking kinetics
2-3 session Motor Control II  Dr. Thomas Lowder 
2:00-2:10 Lauren Gulley The effects of  multi-session vibration training on elbow joint position sensing
2:20-2:25 Hao Meng The effort of adiposity on postural and gait stability in overweight and obese adults
2:30-2:40 Stefan Madansingh Non-linear analysis of the movement of fragile objects
2:45-2:55 Craig Workman Multidirectional Treadmill Walking in Parkinson's Disease