About the book:

An unflinching study of death, Kevin Prufer’s The Fears invites us to consider what it means to matter. Editor, publisher, and poet Kevin Prufer presents his ninth poetry collection,The Fears, an intimate meditation on storytelling and mortality. "Ghostlit by streetlights” and filtered through tale and recollection, Prufer examines our fears of loss, death, and obscurity. Narratives are braided together as Prufer manipulates white space to mimic the silence of minds at work on unsolvable problems, how time “unravels / endlessly.”

About the author:

Kevin Prufer is the author of several books of poetry, including “Fallen from a Chariot” (Carnegie Mellon, 2005), “National Anthem” (Four Way Books, 2008), “In a Beautiful Country” (Four Way Books, 2011), and “Churches” (Four Way Books, 2014). He has also edited numerous volumes, including “New European Poets” (Graywolf, 2008; w/Wayne Miller), “New Young American Poets” (Southern Illinois UP, 2000), and the forthcoming “Into English” (Graywolf, 2015; w/Martha Collins), and “Literary Publishing in the 21st Century” (Milkweed Editions, 2015; w/ Wayne Miller and Travis Kurokwsky).

Source of description: https://www.uh.edu/class/english/people/faculty/prufer_k/