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Intensive English Program/ESL

Fall, Spring, Summer Program

This 13 or 14-week academic program provides twenty hours of classroom instruction per week for students who need to significantly improve their English to study in an American college or university, whose professions require a mastery of the English language or who simply desire to improve their English language skills. The program includes instruction in reading, writing, listening, speaking, as well as grammar. Students are placed into levels based on their placement test scores. All levels may not be offered every semester. If a student tests into a level that is not offered, the student may be advised to transfer to another school or program.

Each class hour consists of 50 minutes of class and 10 minutes of break time.

Classes are held on the campus of the University of Houston, allowing students the opportunity to learn their way around campus and mix with American students at the university.

LCC terms begin each year in January, May and September. See Course Start and End dates for specific information.

Summer II Program

For students who are interested in attending the Intensive English Program but are unable to arrive in May due to school or other commitments, the LCC offers a summer program beginning in late June. This program is a seven-week intensive English course with all the components found in the regular Intensive English Program. Students who would benefit by enrolling in Summer II include those who are:

  • interested in improving their English before enrolling in a college or university in September;
  • looking for a short-term intensive program to improve their English;
  • planning to enter the LCC's Intensive English Program in September, but available to begin studying in June.

Summer II students may be placed in newly created sections or in existing Summer sections, depending on their placement examination scores and on the spaces available in each section.