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We are pleased to invite you to explore our Department website. For new and prospective students, this is one way of entering and getting to know our Department, its faculty and staff, its students, and most important, its programs.  For continuing students and majors, we hope the site will provide you with useful up-to-date information about the Department.

English studies is an exciting discipline with a range of opportunities as varied as our city itself. We offer a wide array of undergraduate courses for concentrations in English and American Literature, and Creative Writing. Our courses are as diverse as your interests probably are; our faculty, committed to teaching and recognized for their scholarship and creative writing, are leaders in the field and have given the Department a reputation for exciting and interesting classes. 

Our graduate programs, ranging from masters degrees in English and American Literature, and Creative Writing, to doctoral degrees and concentrations in English and American Literature, Rhetoric, Composition and Pedagogy, and in Literature and Creative Writing, emphasize academic rigor and independent research and creative work. Whatever degree you choose to pursue, you will find exciting and challenging course options, from socio-linguistics to multi-cultural literatures, from traditional authors and new theories, to literature and film and gay and lesbian literature, from opportunities for independent study to internships and service learning.

Our website will direct you to the people in the Department who can help you prepare and pursue your course of study, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. For new students, the next step is to meet one of our academic advisers who can help you plan your program.