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Fakaira Gabriel
Social Media & Writing Intern
Jack J. Valenti School of Communication

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HOUSTON (April 5, 2019) — The Valenti School of Communication has become Black Magic Design's first training partner for the DaVinci Resolve 15 software.

DaVinci Resolve 15 is the world’s first software that houses professional editing, color correction, audio post production and visual effects all in one interface. Created by Black Magic Design, this software allows users to collaborate with other creatives. Because all of the editing is done on one application, there is no need to export or translate files among different software.  

Assistant Instructional Professor Sahar Hamzah was the catalyst to bringing the software to the Valenti School of communiation. Earlier this year, she participated in an extensive certification program for DaVinci Resolve 15.

This partnership with Black Magic Design provides a unique edge for Valenti School students.  

“Becoming a training partner with DaVinci and having a certified trainer on our staff is a big victory for the school. DaVinci is one of the most important programs in the post-production process, and there are very few programs in the U.S. that I imagine teach this software, especially at the undergraduate level,” said Dr. Temple Northup, director of the Valenti School of Communication.

This partnership will allow the Valenti School of Communication to host professional workshops and training programs about the software – the first such programs in the region. These opportunities will provide an excellent foundation for future partnerships and industry collaborations. 

Dr. Hamzah will also introduce a new color correction course to the university in Spring 2020.