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screen-shot-2019-06-20-at-11.26.59-am.pngBroadcast journalism student Samantha Lopez will be honored at the 2019 annual AEJMC conference in Toronto, Canada for her entry in the ICD multimedia news story competition. Her piece entitled “The Caravan Vernacular: Tempered or terror?” revolves around the phrase “migrant caravan” and the language surrounding the arrival of migrants in America, particularly in relation to events at the Texas/Mexico border since 2018.

With this story, Lopez wanted to shed light on the bias from news sources and rhetoric from the president.

“Words like ‘attack,’ ‘invasion,’ and ‘assault’ are so widely used that news has become sensationalized to a degree that is more harmful than the people entering America out of desperation,” Lopez attests. “I hope that through writing this story, I have helped to re-humanize these migrants and make readers take a look at the words they use in describing them.”

Lopez affirms taking the Multimedia Journalism course with Associate Professor Dr. Madrid Morales helped her understand the duties of a broadcast journalist.

“I learned that my research and form of delivering my findings can make a difference in filling a gap where other news platforms lack substance,” Lopez states. “I have always wanted to use my words to build people up, and Dr. Madrid-Morales gave me much of the know-how to accomplish that.”

As the third-place recipient, Lopez will be awarded a $50 prize and be presented with a formal certificate at the AEJMC convention on August 9.