Alumna Camryn Wells Helping Children Explore Emotions Through New Book

When her three-year-old son began the transition from his crib to his toddler bed, Camryn Wells knew it was time to help him explore new emotions and forms of expression. 

“That was the beginning of my book series,” said Wells. “I wanted to help my son, and other children through new feelings and how to articulate them.” 

Wells is a children’s book author, and has published The Color, Feel, Play Children’s Book Series, which currently consists of two books: What Color is Your Day and The Memory of Play. What Color is Your Day explores the relationship between colors and emotions, while The Memory of Play is a lyrical trip down memory lane through the hands and guidance of a child. 

Camryn hopes to “continue to teach children” through her writing and guide them through the big emotions that come along with new experiences. 

As a child herself, Wells was always interested in creative writing. She recalls writing her first poem at the age of 10, and eventually performing it in front of more than 600 of her peers. 

In 2002, Wells’ love for writing led her to the Valenti School of Communication, where she majored in broadcast journalism. Since graduating, she has worked for multiple nonprofit organizations and is currently a remote grant writer for Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas and Northern California. 

“I have worked in the nonprofit sector for nearly 20 years, and wouldn’t want it any other way,” added Wells. “It has allowed me to see how much need there is out there and actually do something about it.” 

Before her current position, Wells worked for Be a Champion, San Jose Clinic and Genesys Works. She details how her education at the Valenti School was “essential to her success.” 

“I met one of the most influential individuals in my career at the Valenti School: Dr. Robert Heath,” said Wells. “He was one of my favorite professors. He pushed me as a student, a writer and a person. Dr. Heath made me realize my full potential and what I could truly achieve.” 

After having children, Wells felt inspired to share her mantras with other children. On a whim, she contacted a successful children’s book author to share her ideas and gain insight about the industry and was eventually published through the author’s publishing company. 

Wells calls it a “happy accident,” and thanks her children for inspiring her writing. 

“I think I’ve fallen in the right place,” concluded Wells. “I am living everything that I didn’t know I was dreaming of.” 

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