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Frequently Asked Questions about UH ComD Graduate Admissions

Q: I received an e-mail from the Graduate School at UH about a GRE waiver program. Do I need to submit GRE scores?

A: Yes, GRE scores are required for consideration for admission to the graduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (ComD) at the University of Houston. Applications without GRE scores will not be considered for admission to the graduate program in ComD. We do not participate in the GRE waiver program.

Q: I have an undergraduate degree but it was not in Communication Disorders. Can I apply to the graduate program?

A: No. You must complete (or be in the process of completing) the required prerequisite coursework before applying to the UH ComD graduate program. You can find more information on our Post-Baccalaureate Leveling program webpage:

Q: I am taking leveling classes from another university. Will you accept these classes? What if they are on-line?

A: Yes. We accept undergraduate or leveling/post-bachelor’s courses from any university, as long as the content matches the content of our courses. They can be face-to-face or on-line courses.

Q: How can I tell if my classes will meet the requirements for admission?

A: Look at the list of required courses on the admissions website. Match up your courses with those listed – most of them are obvious from the course titles. After you have done this, if you still have questions about specific classes, you may email Dr. Ivey with specific questions.

Q: My University doesn’t offer a “Clinical Procedures” course. What should I do?

A: Look at the description of the UH ComD Clinical Procedures course & the topics/skills covered. If you have covered these as part of another course (e.g., many university programs include these in an undergraduate speech/language disorders class), then you can submit a course syllabus to see if you have met the required content.  If you have any questions about the content of the Clinical Procedures course, please contact Dr. Ivey.

Q: What if I won’t be finished with my undergraduate degree or my leveling/post-bachelor’s classes before the January 15st application deadline?

A: This is fine. Most of our applicants are in the same boat. As long as you have completed at least 12 hours of the prerequisite courses by the application deadline, and the rest of your requirements and degree, where applicable, will be completed before August 15th, you can be considered for admission.

Q: What if I won’t have all of my pre-requisite courses completed before August 15th?

A: All ComD pre-requisite courses must be completed by August 15th, or your admission will be deferred to the following year. The non-ComD pre-requisites must be completed before you complete the graduate program, although we strongly encourage applicants to complete them before beginning the program.

Q: Do I need to have my 25 observation hours completed before beginning graduate school, or will I get them in grad school?

A: You must have all 25 hours completed & signed by an ASHA certified SLP prior to beginning graduate clinic. If you do not have them done, then your clinic assignments and your graduation will be delayed at least one semester.

Q: Do I need a statistics class?

A: Yes. Certification regulations require statistics. The statistics course can be from any academic discipline other than ComD (psych stats, business stats, etc.), however the course must be a stand-alone statistics course, which means the course content must be only statistics. For example, the course cannot be half stats, and half research methods. Statistics courses taught within a communication disorders department/program will NOT count toward this requirement.

Q: Do you have a quota of UH, in-state, or out-of-state students that you must meet when making admissions decisions?

A: No. We take the most highly qualified students regardless of where they completed their undergraduate or leveling courses.

Q: When is the best time to schedule a visit to UH ComD?

A: Each year in the fall, generally October or early November, we have an information session where potential applicants receive an extensive overview of the UH ComD graduate program. Here you have the opportunity to ask questions from the graduate coordinator. Additionally, in January we host an open house. The open house is an extension of the fall information session because you have a chance to meet many of the faculty and some current students. We also provide tours of our facility at the January event. Although there is no virtual tour of the department, you can learn a lot from reading information from our website  and the Graduate School website.

Q: When will I know if I am accepted or not?

A: Letters will be mailed out the week of March 15th.

Q: When do I have to make a decision if I am accepted?

A: All acceptances must be made by April 15th.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: We have some departmental scholarships that are offered along with admission to the program to defray the cost of graduate school. We do not have any full ride scholarships. There are also university, state, and national scholarships that are offered throughout the year. Accepted students will be informed of these opportunities as they arise. Learn more on our Financial Assistance section.

Q: Does the program offer an application waiver?

A: Yes, please click here for the application waiver guidelines. You can also contact the Program Manager ( for more information.

Q: Are you an accredited program?

A: Yes. We are accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Questions and/or requests for information about accreditation or the CAA can be directed to:

The Council on Academic Accreditation in

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

2200 Research Boulevard, #310

Rockville, MD 20850