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Faculty Research Seed Grant

The Center for Mexican American Studies, as part of its Higher Education Mission, offers its Research Seed Grant in support of scholarship on Mexican Americans and Latinos. CMAS considers scholarly activities to be policy-relevant if they address policy as a complex set of social practices and projects that involve the cultural, contextual and political dimension of issues that affect Latinos. These can include activities that inform and influence public debates on policy issues, policy formation, and the implementation process, but they do not privilege official governing bodies or traditional approaches to addressing the social problems affecting Latinos.

Award Winners


Collaborative/ Interdisciplinary Grant:
“Engaging and maintaining Latinos in Need of Mental Health Services”
Dr. Luis Torres and Dr. Robin Gearing (Social Work)
Individual Grants:
“In the Midst of Radicalism: Mexican American Liberals and the Quest for Educational Equality during the Chicano Movement, 1968-1978”
Dr. Guadalupe San-Miguel (History)
“The First Century of Latinos in American Politics”: 1810- 1910”
Dr. Raul Ramos (History)
“Back to Mexico Movements During the 19th Century”
Dr. Jose Angel Hernandez (History)