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The Gustavo H. Villalpando Scholarships for Students Minoring in Mexican American Studies

The deadline for the Gustavo Villalpando
applications is September 24, 2020

The Center for Mexican American Studies is currently seeking applicants for two scholarships designed for students minoring in Mexican American Studies. Applicants for the Gustavo H. Villapando Scholarship for Foreign-Born Students and the Gustavo H. Villalpando Excelente Scholarship have been established to provide students who are minoring in Mexican American Studies educational opportunities.

One student will be selected for each of the scholarships. The two scholarships are being financially supported by the Crim & Villalpando Law Firm (Houston, Texas) in recognition that Mexican American Studies is an important field of study that will help students become better leaders and more successful professionals after college. Recipients for each of the scholarships will receive $1,250 for the fall semester and the same amount for the spring semester.

Gustavo H. Villalpando Scholarship for Foreign Born Students Application

Gustavo H. Villalpando Excelente Scholarship Application