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CMALS Events

Every academic year, CMALS brings guests that expand on the Center’s mission of presenting cutting-edge research and literature on the Mexican American and Latino experience. CMALS hosts research talks regarding topics and narratives in the Latino Community, as well as events that integrate the UH and Houston community with us. See below for the events the Center has hosted in the past:


CMALS 50th Anniversary Luncheon (Presentation)


Latino Art Now! 2019 


3rd Visiting Scholars Q and A (11-07-17)

CMAS Open House (10-04-17)

"IUPLR and its Role in the Foundation of Latino Studies" by Dr. Maria De Los Angeles, Executive Director of the IUPLR  (04-05-17)

"War Stories" by Minerva Perez, Emmy Nominated ABC Journalist (03-21-17)

Co-sponsored "Interpreting Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth in 2017" by Dr. Deborah Shaw (04-04-17)

2nd Visiting Scholars Q and A (03-08-17)

Co-sponsored "Purple Eyes", A Performance (03-01-17)

“The Strange Career of William Ellis: The Texas Slave who Became a Mexican Millionaire” by Dr. Karl Jacoby (02-23-17)


 Visiting Scholars Q and A (11-29-16)

"So... What Now" A Q&A and Panel Discussion on the Impact of Trump Administration on America’s Immigrant, Minority, and Refugee Communities (11-23-16)

"A Brown Bag Talk: Trauma, Stress, and Coping among Latino Immigrants” by Dr. Jodi Berger Cardoso (11-15-16)

“The Longoria Affair: The G.I. Forum and The Rise Of The Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement” Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion (11-03-17)

What’s at Stake: Immigration, the National Election and Beyond” A Panel Discussion (11-27-16)

“2016 Presidential Election: What to Expect (Or Not)” by Dr. Jeronimo Cortina (10-27-16)

“The Head of Joaquin Murrieta” A John Valadez Film Screening (10-19-16)

“Social Movements in Mexico and Central America: A talk with Gabino Palomares” (10-17-16)

“Social Movements in Mexico and Central America: The Fight for Human Rights (Watching Death)” Documentary screening commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the Disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa (09-26-16)

“Frida Kahlo: Entre el Dolor y el Placer” Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston in collaboration with CMAS (09-16-16)