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The Department offers major degree programs in Anthropology (BA, BS, MA), Liberal Studies (BA), Religious Studies (BA) and minors in Anthropology, and Religious Studies.

Students in these programs explore the historical construction of cultures and the ways in which cultural constructs affect the political, social, and aesthetic relationships that shape human communities. By creating a shared space for scholarly debate and student learning, the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies enhances the interdisciplinary opportunities inherent in its constituent disciplines.


The Anthropology Program in the Comparative Cultural Studies Department focus on archaeology and ethnology as specialized areas of study. A diverse curriculum provides courses in the major subfields of ethnology, archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology as well as in the study of important world regions, such as the United States, North America, Latin America, and Africa.

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Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Liberal Studies offers a broadly interdisciplinary liberal arts program that may be tailored to match a wide variety of educational and professional goals of students. Students should consult closely with the Liberal Studies advisor or Director in formulating a coherent and professionally practical program for this Major.

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Religious Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies provides students with a well-rounded understanding of major religious traditions and practices while also offering specialization in particular religions, regions, and/or theoretical approaches to the study of religion in historical, global and comparative contexts.

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