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11:00 am12:15 pm
Book Bans and the Conservative Critique of Critical Race Theory: What’s Really Going On?

Join leading scholars, practitioners, and intellectuals as they discuss new challenges to intellectual honesty and free expression in the educational and civic spheres. This program will assess the issues and opportunities to challenge growing censorship and misinformation efforts, including banning school and library coverage of racial history and literature and associated conservative attacks on Critical Race Theory.

12:00 pm1:30 pm
The Making of North Korean Americans in the Afterlife of U.S. Cold War Cultural Politics

This talk examines some of the cultural and legal ways North Korean refugees are now being groomed to become an assimilable population to the United States, with a focus on two Korean American texts that were published in 2015: North Korean defector Yeonmi Park’s memoir, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girls’ Journey to Freedom, and Korean American writer Suki Kim’s investigative journalism book, Without You There is no Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea’s Elite.