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Black Images In The Media Arts & Film Festival 2013

Arts & Film Festival Overview

The University of Houston African American Studies Department Presents Black Images In The Media Arts & Film Festival, was held April 11-12, 2013 on the campus of the University of Houston. The purpose of the event was to create an opportunity for scholars and artists in the entertainment industry from across the country to explore Black Images In the Media. The Panel Discussions and Presentations were facilitated by local and national industry professionals. The artists explored current media trends, gave tips on how to get started and sustain in the entertainment industry. The event provided educational enrichment through local and national artist discussion, performances, and independent film screenings.


The mission of the Black Images in the Media Arts & Film Festival is to provide a platform for African American independent film makers, actors, producers and entertainers to showcase their works in ways that depict positive black images as well as a vehicle for industry professionals and students entering the industry to network.