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Art Against Angst

Saturday, February 27, 2021

12:00 am - 12:00 am

How is art good for me?

Art fires up your brain.
Our brains are wired to pick out familiar patterns and derive meaning from the things we see. This allows us to feel immersed in an artwork. When you slow down enough to really gaze at art, little neurons in your head are hard at work translating what you see into familiar forms and feels (aka: to “see feelingly”). And if you happen to develop an emotional connection with an image, you’ll appreciate it even more!

Want to informally discuss your reflections, healing, or self-exploration with a CAPS mental health professional? Let’s Talk is free, brief confidential consultation offered via zoom at the following times. Zoom Room- 91244361097

Spring 2021 Let’s Talk Schedule:

Date Time
Mondays 11-12pm, 3-4pm
Tuesdays 10-11am, 3-4pm
Wednesdays 3-4pm
Thursdays 3-4pm
Fridays 10-11am, 3-4pm

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