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Countdown to Canvas

June 1,2023

UH Blackboard Learn will become unavailable to instructors/students.
Course Content Will Not Be Lost/Deleted.
Content and archives will be available for imports.

Canvas will become the exclusive LMS (Learning Management System) for the UH main campus as of 2023 Summer Sessions. Blackboard cannot be used for instruction in summer 2023. Instructors can use M.S. Teams, but all courses will have a shell in Canvas for Instructional Continuity (emergency) requirements.
  • Note to students
    • Students will be loaded into their Canvas course 5-7 days before class begins
    • Visit for more information.
  • Transtion to Canvas
  • Course backup and archives:
    • Course content will not be lost or deleted
    • All Blackboard courses are backed up every semester.
    • Blackboard courses from 2013-2023 will be available for import after Blackboard becomes unavailable
      • Example – UH Admins will be able to import a 2020 Blackboard course into the 2024 Spring semester.
    • Blackboard Archive available October 1, 2023
      • Cloud instance of Blackboard
      • Avaliable for:
        • Student Challenges
        • Accreditation 
        • Grants/Donations
    • Special courses
      • Must be transitioned by June 1, 2023.
      • Yearly and Forever courses must be transitioned by June 1
      • including those with end dates after June 1. 
    • Incomplete Grades 
      • Requests made before June 1: 
        • Work due before June 1 can be completed in Bb. 
        • Work due after June 1 must be completed in Canvas, or through some alternate arrangement to be arranged by the instructor.
      • Requests made after June 1 must be completed in Canvas or through some alternate arrangement with the instructor. 
      • Alternative arrangements are exclusively the responsibility of the instructor.