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UH Energy Symposium Series: Houston: The Low Carbon Energy Capital - A Roadmap: Circular Plastics Economy

Friday, October 30, 2020

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Houston and the Gulf Coast has seen an unprecedented growth of the downstream chemicals and plastics industries over the last two decades, largely driven by the availability of cheap natural gas and natural gas liquids. Globally it had been anticipated that the manufacturing of plastics would grow by as much as a factor of five over the next three decades. However, concerns regarding marine pollution, the end-of-life options and the low recycling rates of plastics have raised concerns regarding this local and global growth of plastics production. The development of a circular ecosystem can develop rationalization of recycling pathways and therefore improve recycling rates. The symposium will recognize the challenges and opportunities for Houston to leverage the polymer-manufacturing infrastructure to accelerate the circular plastics economy. Development of collection, sorting, cleaning and recycling infrastructure, the growth of trained workforce and the examination of regulatory and behavioral policies that are crucial for the acceleration and deployment will form the basis of the discussion.

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Circular Plastics Economy
Virtual Symposium
Lauren Kibler
UH Energy | Program Director