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Deadline Discord Emoji Design Contest

Friday, February 12, 2021

5:00 pm -


This discord emoji contest is intended to give members of the LGBTQ Resource Center Discord community the opportunity to creatively express themselves and connect with other students through art and social media by making emojis for the community to use on our discord. Sign-up to gain access to our Discord Server. 


  • Remember that we represent the University, so consider that when submitting. 
  •  Nothing inappropriate/explicit 
  • Be friendly 
  • if it’s an emoji of someone’s likeness, they need to give permission for it to be submitted 
  • Start Jan 12, 2021 & End Feb 12, 2021 12pm

How to play-  

  1. Post the image in the #social channel 
  2. Include the title of your emoji  
  3. Tag @IsbitAtlas#3809 (aka; Dane [He/Him])  
  • Images should fit in a 128x128 pixel square and be under 256KB  
  • Gifs are allowed  
  • Multiple submissions are allowed 

4. Dane will pin submissions #social channel 

5. Everyone votes for the ones they like using the star emoji 

 1133300225Red and rainbow swag - bag, lanyard, umbrella, sticker, bottle, pencil case.

Winners - get their choice of swag 

On Feb 16th the LGBTQ Resource Center staff will announce the winners 

  • Up to 15 winners  

Staff will decide the winners using the following criteria 

  • Creativity 
  • Uniqueness 
  • LGBTQ message 
  • & Number of “star emoji” reactions 

An emoji does not need to be LGBTQ themed to be a winner, but we are the LGBTQ Resource Center so…. ya know. 


Rainbow Hippo
Lorraine Schroeder