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UH Energy Symposium Series: Houston: The Low Carbon Energy Capital - A Roadmap: CCUS

Friday, October 9, 2020

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage has been determined to be not only an option for decarbonization in our world but an essential and required component of the energy transition. A recent landmark study was completed by the National Petroleum Council that assessed the requirements for a pathway to broad commercial deployment of CCUS in the USA and our study has taken that format and structure and applied it to the Houston region specifically. We have identified the point sources of emissions in the hydrocarbon energy industries of power, petrochemicals and downstream refining and created a pathway and timeline for capture, transmission, utilization and storage in terms of investments, infrastructure and end use disposition. The result is an economically modeled roadmap specific to Texas to enable Houston to continue as the energy capital of the world and to de-carbonize while doing so. The key sensitivities of policy, commodities prices and cos t ranges, transmission utilization and build out are all part of the analysis – as are the requirements for transformation and work to be done going forward. The result is clear – Houston provides the best opportunity for CCUS in terms of industry strategic participation, infrastructure and geology, and the eco-system to provide the leading global model for implementation and value creation.

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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
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Lauren Kibler
UH Energy | Program Director