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Digital Reflections: Building Sharing Stories from 1977

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

This Zoom event showcases the scholars and students behind the exciting, NEH-supported Sharing Stories from 1977 digital humanities project. Come hear from the Sharing Stories team about what it takes to do feminist digital work, and why the 1977 National Women’s Conference is a natural to be explored in a digital project of this scale and impact.

Thousands collectively participated in the lead-up state and territorial meetings and final gathering in Houston at the 1977 National Women’s Conference, the only federally-funded and arguably most diverse gathering of American women in US history. Likewise, this project seeks to capture thousands of participant stories, demographic data, oral histories, and ephemera along with assessing the legacy of the conference that still shapes American society and politics. Learn about the behind-the-scenes development of Sharing Stories from 1977, hear from student researchers, and discover how you might contribute to this vast crowdsourcing enterprise.

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Digital Reflection
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Sandra D. Davidson
UH Center for Public History