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Geophysics MS/PhD/Professional Fall Deadline (Dom)

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

5:00 pm -

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) offers a wide range of courses leading to the Geophysics degree. Required core courses ensure a breadth of knowledge in the discipline including rock physics, seismic wave propagation, geophysical data analysis, and potential field methods. A wide variety of electives allows concentration in areas such as exploration, geotechnical, or environmental geophysics, solid earth geophysics, petroleum exploration, marine geophysics, earthquake seismology, and geodynamics. The typical student pursuing this degree is interested in geophysics and has a good background in the geosciences, mathematics, physics, and computing. Graduates will typically pursue careers with resource companies; geophysical service companies; various federal, state, and local government agencies; in the financial sector; in education.

Jim Parker