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EV Webinar Series: Fleet Electrification in Texas: How Houston is Accelerating Fleet EV Adoption

Thursday, July 22, 2021

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

EVolve Houston is a coalition of sustainability-minded civic, business, and academic leaders who seek to accelerate clean transportation through electrification. In this context, EVolve Houston created a program to provide Fleet Electrification Advisory Consulting to five major local fleets, which include the City of Houston, Harris County and Fort Bend County. During the joint presentation, Chris and Yann will dive into EVolve Houston’s mandate, the City of Houston’s fleet conversion goals, and highlight what both have accomplished to date in the region. Yann and Chris will then discuss the fleet EV assessment process and key results of EV feasibility from studies with the City of Houston. The discussion will cover the percentage of electrifiable vehicles by category, costs (total cost of ownership), greenhouse gas emissions outcomes, optional depots, energy usage and load profiles, 5- and 10-year EV feasibility forecasts, and more. The speakers will finally highlight the implications for Houston, and the next steps that the fleets plan on executing.

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Fleet adoption webinar
Lauren Kibler
UH Energy, Program Director