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10:00 am8:00 pm
Siblings Day

The day will be filled with information for high school-aged siblings and relations (Rising 9th grade through rising 12th grade) of current UH students on what you can do now to get into college, campus life and traditions, the difference between high school and college, and how to navigate the college campus.

7:00 pm9:00 pm
Round Table Discussion: Nuestra "Calidad"

Tomas Ybarra-Frausto moderates a round table discussion on Delilah Montoya's exhibition "Contemporary Casta Portraiture: Nuestra 'Calidad'" featuring the artist and scholars Holly Barnet Sanchez, Mia Lopez and Surpik Angelini.

7:30 pm9:00 pm
Concert Chorale with Ars Lyrica

The Moores School of Music's Concert Chorale will perform with Ars Lyrica Houston in “Long Live the Queen” at The Hobby Center.

7:30 pm9:30 pm
The Italian Girl in Algiers

When you are shipwrecked far from home and taken prisoner by Algerian pirates, you can either surrender to a cruel fate, or you can do what our heroine does: waste no time single-handedly conquering the entire nation!

8:00 pm10:00 pm
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

In an absurdist comedy by Tom Stoppard, two seemingly inconsequential characters from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" embark on a quest to decipher the riddle of their own existence.

9:00 am9:00 pm

A free festival of performance, installation and ideas produced by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts.