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Security Technologies Kitchen Shishir Shah, Ph.D., University of Houston


The Security Technologies Kitchen is an educational initiative that directly aligns with the Department of Homeland Security's mission of producing a new generation of Homeland Security experts by informing current STEM students of the critical mission of the DHS and engaging them in real-world problems that have a direct and obvious impact on our nation's security. Specifically, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a need to develop a pipeline of STEM-educated professionals who are aware of, and knowledgeable in, the challenges and technologies relevant to land border security, maritime border security, POE security, and first responder technologies.

Improved awareness of the challenges facing CBP and other HS experts, coupled with training and exposure to technologies that can be used to facilitate solutions, will help encourage STEM students to consider career options that can serve the mission of CBP and other HS experts. This project serves as an educational initiative that directly aligns to meet this need.

Specifically, this project will provide resources and educate students in security technologies relevant to biometrics, facilitating legalized trade, cargo screening, situational awareness, and technologies for first responders.  

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Presentation | 2017 Meeting Presentation