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Homeland Security Symposium Series Victor Manjarrez, Jr., Center for Law and Human Behavior, The University of Texas at El Paso

This project has concluded. Details on the project are below.

Videos of each symposia are hosted on the CLHB website:


The Homeland Security Symposium Series addresses educational and supplemental training needs identified by DHS and other homeland security enterprise stakeholders. The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has developed a symposium series on topical issues related to border security and legitimate trade and travel.
The symposium series utilizes subject matter experts contracted by UTEP, including the possibility of other COEs, DHS officials, and partner universities faculty. The aim of this program is to assist in maturing and strengthening the homeland security enterprise.

Gap Being Addressed:
The Department of Homeland Security has identified ‘maturing’ and ‘strengthening’ the homeland security enterprise as outlines in its strategic plan and in the 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) as a key component to its workforce development. The Homeland Security Symposium Series serves as a platform to enhance workforce development.

Goal and Objectives:
The goals for this program include: (1) disseminating research findings, data, and results from relevant research through face-to-face and online modalities; (2) providing training and education to meet the needs of DHS component agencies, local law enforcement, and other homeland security stakeholders.

Presentations and Publications

Presentation | 2017 PI Meeting

Poster | 2017 BTI Institute Showcase




Symposium #1
Research on Investigative Interviewing and Interrogation: How Evidence-Based Outcomes Can Improve Outcomes
Presenter: Dr. Misty Duke

Symposium #2
Crossing Borders: People, Crime and Enforcement Flows
Presenters: Dr. Gabriella Sanchez & Dr. Sheldon Zhang

Symposium #3
DNA Barcoding, High Throughput, DNA Sequencing & Forensic Science: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
Presenter(s): Dr. Jennifer Kovacs, Dr. Karen Bell & Piper Schwenke

Symposium #4
Gangs, Radicalization and Terror
Presenter: Dr. Scott H. Decker

Symposium #5
Salvadorian Gangs: The Structure, Behavior and Influence of Salvadorian Gangs and t
heir Implications for Rule of Law in the U.S. and El Salvador
Presenter: Dr. Charles Katz

Symposium #6
Game Theory and Adversarial Reasoning: Potential Law Enforcement Applications
Presenter(s): Dr. Christopher D. Kiekintveld , Dr. Jun Zhuang & Dr. Arunesh Sinha

Symposium #7
The Science of Interviewing and Interrogation
Presenter(s): Dr. Christian Meissner, Dr. Coral Dando, Col. Steven Kleinman & Erik L. Phillips, M.A

Symposium #8
Migrant Smuggling: Global and Comparative Perspectives
Presenter(s): Dr. Gabriella Sanchez. Dr. Luigi Achilli, Dr. Sine Plambech, Dr. Antje Missbach & Mr. Peter Tinti

Symposium #9
Violent Extremism and in the United States & Worldwide Patterns of Terrorism
Presenter: Dr. Gary Lafree

Symposium #10
Disrupting and Dismantling Transnational Criminal Networks
Presenter: Dr. Brandon Behlendorf

Symposium #11
Banking, Finance and National Security in the Paso del Norte Region
Presenter: Patrick  Shaefer, J.D.

Symposium #12
Counterterrorism and Intelligence
Presenter: Dr. Erik Dahl

Symposium #13
Drug Trafficking Organizations and Violence in Mexico
Presenter(s): Dr. David Shirk and Ms. June S. Beittel