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GPS/GNSS and Communication Authentication Standards for Reusable Electronic Conveyance Devices (RECONS) Demoz Gebre-Egziabher - University of Minnesota

This project has concluded. Details on the project are below.


In this project, the requirements for GPS and other positioning and timing systems will be used as part of the development of Reusable Electronic Conveyance Security Devices (RECONS). RECONS are systems used to ensure that shipments arriving at ports of entry (POEs) have not been tampered with in any way during transit. RECONS will enhance the efficiency of CBP’s processing of cargo shipments at POEs as well as at Central Examination Stations (CES). They accomplish this, in part, by tracking the position history of the shipment to prevent or detect unauthorized openings or detours of shipments prior to its arrival at a POE. The requirements for GPS and other positioning technologies used in RECONS will take into account notional CONOPS for expedited inspections at POEs and will identify the minimum performance requirements that need to be met by RECONS technology. The project will conduct a survey to characterize the state-of-art in the area and identify changes required (if any) to satisfy the RECONS performance requirements. These will be used to generate a conceptual design of a RECONS device that satisfies identified performance metrics.