Spring 2017 Newsletter - Director's Message

BTI Director Ioannis Kakadiaris

Dr. Ioannis KakadiarisWelcome to the second newsletter from BTI Institute and check out what the BTI Institute has accomplished in recent months! Our projects are fully under way and we have successfully established partnerships at multiple levels. Featured in this issue of the newsletter is the Immigration Workshop organized by BTI that brought together researchers, advocates, frontline legal and social services providers, and policy makers, to engage in very challenging conversations, assess the current body of research, and determine knowledge and capability gaps.

We have launched several programs for researchers and students. If you are interested in partnering with us on future research projects, find out more about our BTI Fellows Program. If you are a student and interested in working with our researchers in the summer, consider applying for our Summer Research Program.

We also successfully hosted our Ribbon Cutting Showcase on March 27. Find out more about this and other updates in the newsletter and at uh.edu/bti. As always, contact us at bti@uh.edu if you have any question, comment, or would like engage.