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Continuity of Operations Training in Border Regions

The BTI Institute will conduct training in FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning and program management courses for requesting jurisdictions in the Gulf Coast and Border Regions in Summer-Fall 2017. 

The BTI Institute will provide two-person Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) of Master Continuity Practitioners to train federal, state, tribal, and local government personnel in the FEMA L/G 548 COOP Program Manager Train-the-Trainer Course and the FEMA L/G 550 COOP Planner Train-the-Trainer Courses for the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (Beaumont), the South Texas Development Council, and the Rio Grande Council of Governments.  

Currently, there is a significant reported shortfall in the number of counties and cities in Texas that have COOP Plans. These courses, conducted back-to-back over the course of a week, can result in the training of up to 30 students in each course as COOP trainers, planners, and program managers. This cadre of COOP trainers can, in turn, conduct future training courses for communities in those regions.

Continuity of Operations Training in Border Regions


Training Schedule

  • June 23–27; Beaumont, TX
    • South East Texas Regional Planning Commission
  • July 24–28; El Paso, TX
    • The Rio Grande Council of Governments
  • Sept 25–29; Zapata, TX
    • The South Texas Development Council


For more information, contact Kevin Clement, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, at