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BTI Institute

A Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence
A consortium led by the University of Houston

Our mission is to conduct research, develop innovative solutions, and provide educational materials to enhance the nation’s ability to secure our borders, facilitate legitimate trade and travel, and ensure the integrity of our immigration system.



Through a multi-disciplinary team of national and international experts, the Institute delivers transformational technology-driven solutions, data-informed policies, workforce development opportunities for today's Homeland Security Enterprise, and trans-disciplinary education for the next generation of homeland security experts.

We are meeting needs by partnering operators with research scientists to address and solve real-world challenges.

Research | Development

Our aim is to 1) support current members of the Homeland Security Enterprise through training, seminars and workshops and 2) establish a pathway for post-secondary students to pursue a career path into the HSE. Find out more about our current initiatives.

We are dedicated to building strategic partnerships that focus on producing results that support the Department of Homeland Security and the component agencies' missions, goals, and objectives.

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Institute Team

The team is comprised of professional staff, our research committee members, and our external advisory board.

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Our Partners

Our mission is accomplished through a consortium of partners including academic researchers, industry leaders, and government organizations.

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Research with Us

See past questions and funding opportunities. We accept research proposals and White Papers on a rolling basis. Template available

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Contact Us

Phone: 713-743-1676
Twitter: @bti_uh
Care of BTI Institute
4730 Calhoun Rd., Room 300
Houston, TX 77204

A DHS Center of Excellence

The DHS S&T Centers of Excellence (COEs) develop multidisciplinary, customer-driven, homeland security science and technology solutions and help train the next generation of homeland security experts.