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Adding Users to Blackboard Courses

For business, academic and security reasons all requests to add users to Blackboard courses must meet specific criteria before being approved. Course users include instructors, students, students with incompletes, TAs, co-instructors, auditors and others. In some instances, users must pay fees or obtain waivers, others require instructor or departmental or higher approval.

Please carefully review the following sections to assist in choosing the best method for adding a user to a Blackboard course. Direct inquiries to:

Registered Students

Students that have registered for a course must follow the automated process that is in place unless a technical issue prevents the student from being loaded into the course. Add/drops occur frequently during the semester. Once a student registers for a course and appropriate fees are paid, he/she will be loaded into the correct Blackboard course shell typically within 24 hours or less.

If a student is not added or removed within 48 hours, please submit a request to Provide course, section number, student name and Peoplesoft ID (PSID).

Adding TA(s) or Co-Instructor(s)

Adding users with instructor or support roles is done via the Blackboard Request System. Only the instructor of the course or a Bb administrator can request/add a TA or co-instructor. The requester must select one of four roles for the user:

Instructor Full instructor privileges and name appears as Instructor in Blackboard
TA Gradebook access and ability to upload/modify content
Grader Gradebook only access
Builder Ability to only upload/modify content

Note that a student in a course cannot have an instructor or support role in that same course.

The following link provides the exact steps for adding instructor or support roles to a course.

Adding Student with Incomplete (I)

A student being requested to be added to a course for completing a course of study must have an "I" (incomplete) in the student record. Once added the student will have access to the Blackboard course for the duration of the semester.

Please complete the form at the following link. This form is only to be used for requests for students with an incomplete in their record.

Course Auditor

Approval to audit, or visit, a course is sometimes granted to qualified students by the dean of the college in which the course is offered. Such approval conveys only the privilege of observing and does not include submitting papers, taking tests, or participating in laboratories or field work.

Students auditing courses will pay the regular tuition and fees. Students 65 years of age or older may audit any course offered by the university without payment of a fee if space is available. Students may obtain audit application forms from the office of the appropriate dean.

The following link provides the exact steps for auditing a course.