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Information Sessions

The Student Services Office hosts Information Sessions for all prospective freshman, transfer, and change of major students interested in an undergraduate degree program offered at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design.

The Information Sessions cover the following information:

  • Program overview
  • Current majors and degree plans
  • Required coursework
  • Portfolio and supplementary information guidelines
  • Admissions process and requirements

The Information Sessions are led by College of Architecture and Design academic advisors. All questions will be answered during and after the session to clarify any information. Once the Information Session presentation is complete, attendees will be given a tour of the building by College of Architecture and Design Ambassadors.

Register Today

To make a reservation for an Information Session, prospective students may register in one of the followowing ways.
  • Register HERE. Please fill out all portions of the registration form. 
  • Call the Student Services Office at 713-743-3463.
  • Visit the Student Services Office in Room 151 of the College of Architecture Building.

Prospective students who have registered will receive a reminder e-mail the day before the scheduled session.