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Architecture Minor

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Architecture must declare with an academic advisor at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. Students pursuing a major in the College of Architecture and Design are not eligible to pursue a minor in Architecture.

To qualify for a minor in Architecture, students must complete 15 semester hours in architecture, including:

1. ARCH 2350, Survey of Architectural History I, and ARCH 2351, Survey of Architectural History II
2. 9 additional hours at the 3000 level or higher - see suggested course list below
3. Students must take 9 semester hours, at least 6 of them advanced, in residence and
4. Earn a 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA in all minor courses attempted at this university

Students minoring in Architecture cannot take studio courses since those are reserved only for students pursuing a major in the College of Architecture and Design.

Introduction to Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Architecture (ARCH 1200) is open to all students, but cannot be used to fulfill minor degree requirements.

To declare a minor in Architecture, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule an academic advising appointment with an advisor in the Student Services Office - call 713-743-3463 to schedule
  2. Complete a General Petition to request to declare a minor in Architecture - choose option 11
  3. Complete the student information section on the Minor in Architecture Degree Plan
  4. Bring the completed General Petition and the Minor in Architecture Degree Plan to your scheduled academic advising appointment

Course Suggestions, Reminders, & Prerequisites

Refer to the course lists below for suggested electives to complete the Architecture minor. Other courses may be available from time to time. To see a complete list of courses in architecture, please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog. Please keep in mind that minor candidates may not take design studios (ARCH 1500, ARCH 1501, ARCH 2500, ARCH 2501, ARCH 3500, ARCH 3501, ARCH 4500, ARCH 4510, or ARCH 5500).

Architecture History Electives

All architecture history elective courses have prerequisites of ARCH 2350 and ARCH 2351. Note that
not all courses are offered every semester and some courses may have additional prerequisites. Please
consult the course schedule via your myUH account for current prerequisites and class offerings.
Architectural history electives include the following:

ARCH 3342 - Shape of the City
ARCH 3343 - Latin American Architecture
ARCH 3347 - Evolution of Architectural Interiors
ARCH 3353 - Architecture of the Middle Ages
ARCH 3354 - The Culture of Architecture
ARCH 3356 - City As Palimpsest: Paris
ARCH 3358 - History of Asian Architecture and Art
ARCH 3365 - Architectural Research
ARCH 3371 - Landscape, Ecology, Urbanism
ARCH 4351 - Readings and Criticisms in Architecture
ARCH 4354 - Ideas and Buildings
ARCH 4355 - Houston Architecture
ARCH 4373 - Urban Environments
ARCH 4374 - World Cities

Architecture Technology Electives

Computer technology courses from the College of Architecture and Design can also count towards the
minor degree plan and include the following:

ARCH 3397 - Computer Modeling
ARCH 3397 - Computer Render/Presentation