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How to Make ConneXions!

What makes the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design experience unique is your strong, deep-rooted global network. Whether it is the personal connections you built during your time in studio, or peers and students you engaged with as alumni – the power of our network is strong.

We are making the Hines College network more accessible than ever with our newly launched platform – UHCOAD ConneXion.

UHCOAD ConneXion is your first step to giving back to Hines College students through career advice, mentoring, and resume or portfolio feedback. You may also seek career advice, industry insights, mentoring, or strengthening connections for yourself. The platform is designed exclusively for Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design alumni, students, and community members around the globe to connect, expand, and grow their network.

Get ready to tap into the power of your network, and achieve what’s next!



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Why Chose UHCOAD ConneXion?

UHCOAD ConneXion is not just another networking platform. Unlike generic social platforms, UHCOAD ConneXion is designed specifically for the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design community. Everyone on the platform has opted to help or seek advice, and there are no costs for “premium” services. You already have your UH experience in common - why make a cold call when you already have a foot in the door?

Step 1: Sign In or Sign Up

We have made it simple for you to log into the directory by using your LinkedIn profile or an email address. Faculty, staff, and students can use their UH Cougarnet credentials or log-in through AccessUH.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Once you have logged in, you will be able to set up your profile. Through our LinkedIn integrations, you can import information from your LinkedIn profile if you have an account. You will also be asked questions about how you would like to interact with other members of the community through the advice you are willing to give, if and how many mentoring relationships you are willing to participate in, areas of expertise, etc.


Step 3: Search

You can search through the directory by navigating to the “Alumni Directory” section of the platform. Use the search and filters to find that long-lost classmate, former studio-mate, or to build your network.  Filter by location, company, or even student organizations. If you are looking for more formal networking or to provide mentorship to a current student, consider using the “Network” section where your search results will be limited to just those individuals who have completed their UHCOAD ConneXion profile and are recommended to you based on your answers and preferences.


Step 4: Connect

After you have found someone to reach out to, click the “Let’s Connect” button. From here, you can send an email or request a phone or video meeting with the individual through the UHCOAD ConneXion platform. You can even import your calendar so that scheduling a meeting is made even easier. If you are not ready to reach out yet, you can bookmark a profile and come back to them later through the networking or directory filters.


Step 5: Stay Up-to-Date with the UHCOAD

See upcoming events, RSVP, and find out who else is attending through the “Events” tab. Virtual Events (like Zoom Webinars) can also be housed within the platform. Keep up-to-date with UHCOAD News shared in the “Resources” tab. Ask any questions to faculty, students, and fellow alumni through the “Conversations” tab.


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