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DEI Action Task Force

Formation of the DEI Action Task Force

The DEI Action Task Force was created by Dean Oliver in spring 2021 and completed its work on August 31, 2022. The purpose of the task force was to monitor and address all 45 recommendations from the DEI report. Membership consists of students, faculty, and staff in positions with the ability to enact change in areas surrounding the recommendations.

The Report

Foreward to the DEI Action Task Force Report by Rafael Longoria, AIA:

September 2022

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Task Force was formed by Dean Patricia Oliver in May of 2021 with the charge of pursuing the appropriate actions to advance implementation of the 45 recommendations featured in the December 2020 DEI Task Force Report. Members of the DEI Action Task Force included student leaders from all the College’s programs, alumni, and the faculty and staff members most responsible for implementing these recommendations. A complete list of the task force members is included in Appendix #1.

The DEI Action Task Force spent the past year working to devise strategies to implement as many of the original recommendations as soon as possible. It is worth noting that since May of 2021, the number of tenured/tenure-track women faculty members in the College has doubled from five to ten.

81 respondents answered a survey asking the College’s students, faculty, and staff to rank the importance of the 45 recommendations. A breakdown of the survey results is attached in Appendix #2. One clear message from the survey respondents is a strong priority placed on economic equity issues. The full survey results, as well as other relevant information, are available in the College’s web site.

Actions taken so far on the 45 recommendations have been divided in five categories:

A. The majority of recommendations (24) have been assigned for study and implementation to the appropriate college administrators. Some of these are ongoing, while others have periodic reviews or continuous assessment processes

B. Nine recommendations have been forwarded for action to the appropriate college Standing Committees—including the Steering Committee, the Promotion, Tenure & Retention Committee, the Undergraduate Committee, and the Programs Committee

C. The DEI Action Task Force has taken direct action on two of the recommendations

D. Three recommendations were already underway before the DEI Action Task Force was formed

E. And eight recommendations have not been acted upon yet.

The DEI Action Task Force concluded its work on 31 August 2022. The College community remains engaged in the work of implementing appropriate processes and policies to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the College’s mission. This engagement is a shared and ongoing responsibility among students, faculty, and staff—it will be supported through the College Administration and the appropriate College Standing Committees as described in the following list.


Rafael Longoria, AIA
ACSA Distinguished Professor
Chair, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Task Force

Click here to view the DEI Action Task Force Report

Task Force Members

Rafael Longoria, Chair
Rafael Beneytez-Durán
Gail Borden
George Chow
Drake Flood

Dietmar Froehlich
Javier Guerrero
Sarah Holloway
Michael Kubo
Andrew Kudless
Estelle Lee
Patricia Oliver
Trang Phan
Ziad Qureshi
Cynthia Sac
Stephen Schad
Sheryl Tucker de Vazquez
Sarah White

Task Force Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2021

June 3, 2021

July 2, 2021

August 5, 2021

December 2, 2021

January 25, 2022

April 8, 2022