UH Campus Store Educates Coding Campers on Retail and Technology

design you code camp

The UH Campus Store hosted an educational session this summer with participants from the College of Technology’s DesignYou Coding Camp through an interactive session where campers were provided re-world technology experiences, learning the different components that make the store function.

The College of Technology’s coding camp provides children the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in computer coding and programming while learning problem-solving and analytical skills and their relation to the fashion and retail industry.

Experiences provided via workstations at the UH Campus Store included learning how to use the register system, using the inventory management system, how to locate items for online orders, and how to dress forms and merchandise clothing, said Samantha Eades, UH Campus Store Manager.

Having the campers at the university campus store gave them an inside view of how technology plays a role inside a retail establishment. And there was one workstation that proved to be a favorite.

designyou banner“From what I saw, they were really gravitating towards the merchandising and the clothes,” said Eades. “They also really enjoyed getting to play with the register systems. They were getting to ring up products and seeing how it formulates on the screen and using fake money.”

This is the first time that the UH Campus Store participated in the coding camp initiative, but Eades said the store is always looking at different opportunities on campus to get involved.

Eades’ goal for the store on campus is to be a part of the community.

“We’re always looking at different opportunities on campus to see how we can be involved,” said Eades.