Licindy Caballero
Nestled in a corner of the Cougar Card office on the ground floor of the Welcome Center Parking Garage sits Licindy Caballero's office.

It's there that she juggles a host of duties as a customer service representative for Auxiliary Services. On any given day, that could include working with one of the university contracted partners, such as Aramark or Barnes & Noble, or assisting a vending partner or another university department.

As those who work closely with her know, she usually does her work with a smile on her face.

"I really love working here at the university. It's a great place to work," said Caballero, who came to UH three years ago. Her first job here was as a customer service representative in the Cougar Card office, where she started off working the front counter helping with daily opening and closing procedures. After two years, she transitioned to her current role in Auxiliary Services.

If any of the contracted partners within Auxiliary Services has a request or needs assistance, she steps in to help. For example, she'll run meal plan and other reports as requested by UH Dining, which is run by Aramark. She also performs site visits and inspections of vending machine locations, food service locations, and retail leased properties to ensure contract compliance and facility maintenance.

Before coming to UH, she had previous experience with customer service, working as an assistant teller supervisor for a Houston bank, supervising a group of six tellers and occasionally helping out at a teller station when needed. One day, when the lines at the bank were long, she stepped in and started to wait on customers.

"I said I could help the next customer and a professional looking man walked up and handed me a note telling me to hand over all the money," she said.

She did as he demanded and he fled. He was not caught, but a year later, Caballero got a surprise when she learned that he had turned himself in. This led her to pursue a position with the University of Houston.

Before the bank, she worked for Home Insurance Solutions of Texas for a little over a year as the office secretary.

She was born and raised in Houston and graduated from Madison High School, where she was a twirler who would perform with the marching band at halftime of football games. She and her husband, Justin Robins, have two children: Janelle, 6, and Jase, 2.

Although she is a customer service rep here at UH, after work she takes on a totally different persona.

"When I get home, I'm just Mom," she said.