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Employee Spotlight � Officer Aaron O�Donley

Police Officer Aaron O�Donley began working for the UH Department of Public Safety in 2000, took a short break from 2005 to 2008 to open his own business, and then rejoined the department. Though he began his service for the University of Houston as a regular Police Officer, not long after he arrived it was evident that he was skilled at leading and instructing new police officers and was selected to be a Field Training Officer. He also enjoyed working with students and was always willing to participate in any event that promoted crime prevention awareness. Recently, Officer O�Donley was appointed to work in the Crime Prevention Unit of the Department of Public Safety. Since becoming a Crime Prevention Officer he has orchestrated many successful events for the campus community.

Officer O�Donley shared why he is so passionate about crime prevention: �In 1992, as I made plans to attend college, I was a victim of an aggravated assault. Being victimized myself, I found that law enforcement (more specifically crime prevention) to be a natural calling. I take my current assignment as a Crime Prevention Officer very personally. I take pride in being proactive in providing information, presentations, and hosting events that encourage personal safety. In doing so, I hope that I can provide guidance and positively impact our future.�

Most recently, he coordinated the National Night Out event for the entire University of Houston campus. Over 1,000 individuals participated in the event. Students, faculty and staff attending the event were able to try on police riot gear, try out the fatal vision goggles (beer goggles) while playing basketball or driving on a scooter obstacle course, and learn about all types of crime prevention programs on campus and much more. Several months before the event took place, Officer O�Donley had decided that the University of Houston needed to expand its National Night Out event in order to increase participation and visibility in the community. After careful planning and hard work he was able to implement that vision successfully.