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Campus Garden Planting and Dedication

The University held a dedication and planting of the Cougar Campus Garden on Thursday, October 1, 2009. Even though the day was hot, humid and it had rained just minutes before the planting commenced, students, staff and faculty were not deterred from coming out to show their support. They were happily planting the seedlings despite the hot weather conditions. Over 50 members of our campus community participated in the planting, including Professors Barry Lefer and Donna Pattison. One of the student groups that were most prominent were the MVP�s (Metropolitan Volunteer Program) headed by Michael Harding, the Director of the group.

Plant Operations has been working diligently in prepping the land and soil in anticipation of the garden this past month. Alex Alexander, Director of Custodial Services/Grounds stated, �There is currently 1,000sf of garden, with plans to expand in the future� there is also a garden bed devoted to herbs as well as a butterfly garden complete with an irrigation system.� UH�s Executive Chef, Brent Gorman said, �We are now planting tomatoes, different varieties of peppers, cilantro and will plant onions later on.� �These are the main ingredients which will be used to make Shasta�s Blazin� Salsa, so it�s really going to be homegrown,� said Nate Jackson, Vice President of Membership Development with Aramark.

The main purpose of the Campus Garden is to be a learning, living laboratory. It will showcase native plants and vegetables as well. This garden will be vital in teaching the campus of where our food supply originates, how plants grow and change with each season and to foster environmental stewardship. The garden will feature different plants during the different seasons. As it starts to get cooler, Plant Operations staff will be preparing the beds with different plants that do well in a colder climate.